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Found in Translation

On July 12, 2021, we published aWhen I Lived in French,a an essay by David Hoon Kim. As the title implies, it is a memoir of the writeras time in France. But is also a series of reflections on identity, belonging, and languageathe account of a young Korean-Americanas becoming himself through his adopted tongue. If […]

Tokyo Street Theater

aThe culture shock of defeat is my archetypal image,a the photographer Shomei Tomatsu (1930a2012) once said. aNo matter where I go, I carry the shadow of war.a And Daido Moriyama (born in 1938), whom Tomatsu mentored, declared: aI wanted to go to the end of photography.a The two artists, relatively close in age, began their […]

Syrians Die in Western Media Darkness

Last April, Akram Bathiesh, a middle-aged Syrian refugee, died of a heart attack in Denmark, shortly after being told by the authorities that his asylum status had been revoked and he had a month to leave. The Danish government has been reexamining the status of five hundred refugees from Syria, and Bathiesh was among the […]

Dredging Up the Ever-Living Past

In the Reviewas July 1, 2021, issue, Imani Perry reviewed Conversations with Lorraine Hansberry, a new collection of interviews with the celebrated playwright edited by Mollie Godfrey, and took the opportunity to consider the life of a great American artist whose body of work remains largely unread. Drawing from the years of research that culminated […]

The Magnificence of the Medicis

In sixteenth-century Florence, as republican government yielded to rule by the once-exiled Medici clan, a verse of Virgilas Aeneid began to attain new relevance. In Book Six of that poem, Aeneas is instructed to pluck a golden bough to serve as his passport to the underworld; his guide assures him that aafter the first [branch] […]

Merrick Garlandas Moderation to Excess

When prosecutors in the Manhattan District Attorneyas office indicted the Trump Organization and its chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, there was an unusual wrinkle. Most of the allegations in the indictment concerned a federal tax fraud scheme. That, in turn, raised a question: Nearly half a year into Joe Bidenas term and some four months […]

When I Lived in French

A year or so before I left Paris, and France, for good, in 2004, I was on my way home after an evening at a friendas place in the Belleville neighborhood. As I approached the moving walkway in the long subway tunnel connecting ChAC/teletaPont au Change to the RER train platforms at ChAC/teletaLes Halles, I […]

Ramblina Man

In the July 1, 2021 issue of the magazine, Robert Macfarlane reviews three new books on navigation, both human and animal. The piece expands into a meditation on the value of wayfinding, which Macfarlane describes as aan ethic,a rather than simply the ability to get from points A to B. Wayfinding requires acollaboration and cooperation […]

New York, Anew

XUE YANG LIU Cellist with Sonophonix, Private Tutor, Composer aAs a performer, we can play and put our sorrow or sadness and all the emotions into playing music for people. As a composer, it was difficult to be inspired or create right away. When you were watching the world falling apart, and people were dying, […]

A Miniaturist Goes Large

The first thing you see when you walk into aExtraordinary Realities,a Pakistani-American artist Shahzia Sikanderas major retrospective at the Morgan Library, is an Indian Devata dancer, gently resting her knee on the shoulder of Aphrodite. Cast in bronze, nearly life-sized, Promiscuous Intimacies (2020) is Sikanderas first sculpture, and her two women only have eyes for […]

Oh, Mood of Alabama

On June 25, 2021, we published an article by Elizabeth Spiers analyzing the politics behind the Southern Baptist Conventionas recent meeting, at which the SBC narrowly avoided a takeover by ultraconservative hardliners. Spiers, whoas spent many years in the New York mediasphere, grew up Baptist in Alabama and has deep family ties there. She returned […]

The Inspired Bricolage of Bruno Mars

Watching glamorous industry awards shows usually involves the hope of witnessing some contagious human happiness, but it is also a glimpse into the business world of the performing arts. This past March, watching the Grammys in quarantine was a puzzle for many who were watching solo, and afterward I received several phone calls from people attesting […]

Janet Malcolmas Subtle Comedy

In 1994 Janet Malcolm wrote a profile of the artist David Salle that takes an unusual form and is one of the few works of nonfiction published in The New Yorker that could be said to be experimental. aForty-one False Startsa is composed, as the titles suggests, of forty-one very short sections, many of them […]

Dismantling the aCitadels of Pridea

When, in 1972, a young philosopher named Martha Craven Nussbaum was selected for the prestigious Harvard Junior Fellowship, a friend suggested she should be called a hetaira, after that small circle of ancient Greek women who were regarded as courtesans yet were allowed participation in philosophical symposia. It was a cute idea, and very on […]

The Prophetic Character of Russian Literature

Since 2016 the critic and Slavic-language scholar Gary Saul Morson has written about a number of great Russian writers and thinkers in the pages of The New York Review, including Alexander Herzen, Alexander Pushkin, Isaac Babel, Vasily Grossman, Nikolai Gogol, Alexander Griboedov, and, most recently, Fyodor Dostoevsky (with a detour for Ivan the Terrible). Morsonas […]

Southern Baptistsa Losing Faith

Last week, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) narrowly averted a takeover by an emergent hard-right faction of its constituency led by Pastor Mike Stone of Georgia. The SBC voted by a slim margin to install instead the moderate Alabamian minister Ed Litton as its new president. Itas important to understand what amoderatea means in a […]

Italian thermal spa celebrates 101st anniversary with a sustainable renovation

First completed in 1919, Terme di Saturnia is a world-renowned resort and spa in Italy that is steeped in history. Now, the property has completed a sustainable renovation thanks to London-based studio THDP (The Hickson Design Partnership Ltd). The new design concept celebrates the natural conditions of the original thermal spring with preserved wooden furnishings, dA(c)cor crafted by local artisans and green spaces.[...]

California couple charged for starting wildfire during gender reveal

Refugio Manuel Jimenez Jr. and Angela Renee Jimenez, a Southern California couple responsible for starting a forest fire last year, have recently been charged with involuntary manslaughter. The couple started the fire after a gender reveal went wrong, sparking a fire that killed a firefighter. The couple now faces both felony and misdemeanor charges.[...]

Oregon's Bootleg Fire is creating its own weather

Usually, weather conditions influence how wildfires behave. But southern Oregonas massive Bootleg Fire is so powerful that itas changing the weather.[...]

The High Performance Surfing Center honors nature inside and out

When Branco Cavaleiro Architects was asked to develop a plan to house the High Performance Surfing Center in Cabedelo, Viana do Castelo, Portugal, the designers chose to incorporate protections for visitors as well as the surrounding landscape.[...]

Turkey's Ritz-Carlton Residences are constructed with local materials

South African architecture studio SAOTA chose to incorporate some sustainable features in its design for the new Ritz-Carlton Residences by Marriott International. Located in Bodrum, Turkey, the hotel used stone collected from the building site in its construction and native landscaping in its outdoor spaces.[...]

A beginner's guide to gardening

Some form of gardening has been around since the first days of human existence. Itas an activity that not only helps sustain life but brings joy and satisfaction. However, as the saying goes, getting started is the hardest part. It can be intimidating to understand the verbiage around gardening and figure out what plants will grow well where you live. When you boil it down, gardening is a very basic act and, contrary to what youall see in gardening catalogs and online supply stores, it doesnat require a lot of supplies or money to get started. It does, however, take[...]

G20 nations subsidized $3 trillion in fossil fuels since Paris agreement

A report by BloombergNEF and Bloomberg Philanthropies shows that G20 countries have continued subsidizing fossil fuels at the expense of the environment. Despite committing to tackle climate change, G20 countries have provided more than $3.3 trillion in subsidies to fossil fuel since the Paris climate agreement in 2015.[...]

France announces end of male chick culling

Being shredded alive. Getting gassed. It sounds like a horror movie, but in fact, itas the true crime genre. But no more, say the French. France announced on Sunday that as of next year, male chicks can no longer be culled[...]

Elon Musk's tiny house is a Boxabl casita

What do Elon Musk and tiny homes have in common? For now at least, a tiny house called Boxabl is Muskas abode, which, rumor has it, he lives in near SpaceX ground zero in Boca Chica, Texas after selling off nearly all of his real estate holdings.[...]

Habitat for Humanity develops its first 3D-printed home in US

Habitat for Humanity is a long-standing nonprofit whose mission is to provide affordable home ownership to low-income families around the world. Currently, that includes areas of the United States where affordable housing is in short supply. In Tempe, Arizona, Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona is building its first 3D-printed home on American soil.[...]

This vineyard suite is tucked into a Tuscan UNESCO world heritage site

Recently unveiled in the Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco in Val daOrcia, Italy, part of a UNESCO world heritage site, the first unit of a luxury vineyard suite project was recently unveiled to the public. Known as Casa OjalA!, the guest suite has a few whimsical features like retractable beds, hidden furnishings, a merry-go-round terrace, roof portholes and a series of pulleys, gears and ropes.[...]

RHS Hilltop opens its wings to the study of horticulture

The widely respected Royal Horticultural Society is getting a promotion, coming out from the shadows and into the forefront of horticultural science. The U.K.'s first dedicated garden science hub is opening at the RHS Garden Wisley in Surrey, which will showcase educational opportunities and scientific work in the field of horticulture.[...]

Those Olympic anti-sex beds? Theyre actually for recycling.

Among all the news about the Tokyo Olympics, you might have heard one particularly wild story about the beds in the Olympic Village. These beds got an unforeseen amount of press coverage when American runner Paul Chelimo joked that the cardboard material was used to discourage "intimacy among athletes." While the idea of an aanti-sexa bed design captured peoplesa interest, this story is merely a joke gone wild. But thereas still a good reason to talk about these cardboard beds a theyare recyclable.A [...]

Minka Solar Pods provide versatile off-grid work or chat hubs

The worlds of business and leisure are changing at an exponential rate, and keeping up with the times means making space for slowing down. London-based design studio Duffy London understands the need for comfortable and functional gathering spots with off-grid functionality as an alternative to the local coffee shop or boardroom for small get-togethers.[...]

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